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Can’t run in this race or would like to give back to the community , here is the opportunity to get involved with the energy of AHM by volunteering your time

Airtel Hyderabad Marathon has always been powered by a large community of enthusiastic volunteers. These volunteers make the backbone of the event, and truly embody the spirit behind the race. With an infectious energy, volunteers work hard to put up the perfect event while cheering & supporting runners along the way.

Get inspired and join our volunteering community. We promise it is going to be fun! If we still have not convinced you, there are more reasons why you should volunteer.

  • Make new friends: Are you not able to run because you have an injury? Stay in touch with the sport that you love by being part of AHM in a different way.
  • Get a feel of the event: The event itself & days leading up to the race day are always filled with high energy. There will be some adrenalise-ish rush as you help us prepare for the race.
  • Give back: Give back to your community, give back to your city!
  • Get your gang together: We are always looking for large groups of volunteers & group leaders to help us manage larger chunks of work. So, bring your friends or colleagues along, and have fun together.

We look for volunteers and volunteer leaders who can help organize a larger group together. Volunteer leaders help check in on other volunteers and ideally reach first and leave last from the event. They also serve as ambassadors of the event as a whole.

You can choose to work in any of these areas:

Pre-Race (Expo)

A large part of the job that day involves helping runners pick up their bibs in preparation for the race the next day.

  • Crowd management: Streamline the crowd better so that everyone can move to around with ease.
  • Guiding runners: Thousands of runners need to be directed to the appropriate desk to collect their bibs & kits.
  • Race kit assembly: Every runner gets a race kit which has their race guide, bibs & some other complementary items. Based on the run that they have registered for; these kits need to be prepared in advance.
  • BIB distribution: Handing over the right bib to the right person – there is a lot riding on this job!
  • T Shirt Distribution: Helping runners pick the right sized race-day T shirt.
  • Help Desk: The expo is a busy place, and often people have questions about the race next day, and the expo day itself. You can help them navigate at the help desk.

Race Day – Start Area

More than 10,000 runners are going to start their run from here, and volunteers support these runners along the way until the end.

  • Parking Management: Help runners park their vehicles in the allotted space before heading to the holding area.
  • Water station set up: Keep the runners hydrated!
  • Baggage collection counter: Manage the bags that runners have stored, and ensure it gets rightly transported to the finish line.
  • Holding area crowd management
  • Helpdesk 
  • Start line management: You will feel the energy of over 10,000 runners ready to start their long race. You just need to ensure they can start in peace.
  • Coordination with race timing team: AHM always starts on time and has never delayed even by a second in the history.
  • Traffic closures & diversions: We want our runners to have the best running experience, so we need volunteers to manage traffic closures and direct the runners well.
  • Lead cars: Some volunteers move in cars that lead the race to ensure everything is in order for runners.
  • Cycling Marshalls: Some volunteers move on their bicycles along the route to address any emergencies and escort the elite runners on the race course from start to finish line.

Race Day – Aid Stations

We have aid stations at every 2 km along the route which offer water & a few snacks to runners. These areas are full of energy & action since runners come in large groups and need help immediately. These locations are also particularly great places to have groups of volunteers to work together.

  • Coordination with respective volunteer groups form colleges
  • Recce with group leads and volunteers’ coordinator
  • Inventory of supplies
  • Water station set up
  • Trash pickup
  • Medical support on course

Race Day – Course Marshalls

Course Marshalls follow the race as closely as the runners themselves. They provide traffic control, runner control, crowd control, and in the end coordinate the sweep vehicle. We need some dynamic & self-motivated volunteers here!

Race Day – Timing Mats

Everyone is most excited about the timing they made in their race. And we need to ensure runners get the exact timing right. We need volunteers to help us place the timing mat at the start, over the course, and at the finish line, they will also be at the strategic location where mat are placed until the official cut off times, to ensure the smooth function as well guide runners to cross the mat without miss.

Race Day – Finish Area

The finish area will be buzzing with activity – first with handing over of the medals & certificates, then at the refreshment counter, sometimes at the medical tent, and at larger runners will be catching up with each other after long. If you love a crowded place with a lot of energy, this is the place to be. This is also the place where a large group of volunteers could easily find work together.

  • Parking: Help organize vehicle parking
  • Barricading the course and finish line: Towards the end, crowd & traffic control become very important since runners will be sapped of energy here.
  • Medals distribution: Hand over runners their finisher medals – it might seem like a simple job, but with hundreds of runners coming in together, it will be all hands-on deck!
  • Breakfast distribution:
    • On course for Volunteers – Packed breakfast boxes to be distributed at every strategic water station for 100’s of volunteers who will be there from the wee hours of the race day to support runners.
    • Finish Area for Participants – We prefer to serve hot breakfast to the participants post-race, more than 10000 runners will be served hot breakfast in 4hours duration, hence we need volunteers for Q management and crowd control for the smooth function of operations.
  • Shuttle buses: Coordinate the shuttle buses which take runners & volunteers from the finish to the start area/or drop off points as per the plan & schedule.
  • Hydration Counters: Water & Refueling stations at Finish area for runners to replenish.
  • Baggage bus arrival: Reunite runners with their bags!
  • Waste management/Garbage warriors: With thousands of runners & volunteers, the finish area is bound to get messy. Help the environment by volunteering to pick up garbage and keep the space clean.
  • Medical support: We will have a medical support area with professionals to help runners who need it. You have to assist these professionals in their task.

Shuttle Bus Coordination

We have shuttle buses for runners & volunteers to shuttle them from finish area to start. These buses are also available on pre-race day. We need volunteers who can coordinate the entire exercise. This is a fairly large task, and we need experienced volunteers to help us here.

Post-Race Clean Up

Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is one of the cleanest running events in the country. It has been possible only because of our dedicated team of volunteers who work alongside the waste workers to pick up garbage & segregate them. If one of your passions includes the environment, this is where you should be.

Logistics Supply Management

As part of an event as large as AHM, there is a lot of background work, & inventory that needs to be checked. We require volunteers to help us in stock receiving, dispatch to aid stations, stock return post-race & to prepare an inventory of the leftover supplies.


We also need volunteers during the month preceding the race to help with creating content about the charities associated with AHM, and also help us in coordinating corporate talks & promotions.

All Volunteers are entitled for one Official Volunteer/Crew tee shirt plus refreshments (breakfast/lunch/Dinner) based on their shift timings.

Join the marathon team by filling in your information in the form below. We will be in touch with you soon!

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