4:00 HOURS
Soma Jagan Mohan Reddy

I am a physio and fitness consultant and work with Care Hospital as the department head of Physiotherapy. I am also a fitness and running coach. I started running marathons in 2014. My Personal best timings are: 5k - 18 mins, 10k - 38 mins, HM - 1:28 and FM - 3:14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/685378161814072/
4:15 HOURS
Sreenivasa Hosamane

Welcome to the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2018 and the lovely city of Hyderabad. If your target is 4:15, you’re looking at the right person to get you across the line. Having run this course for the last several years, it’s very apparent that it’s not an easy course compared to many other courses in India but at the same time I can assure you that it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget and will cherish forever. You will get excellent support throughout the course that just makes it even better. Let me know if you have any questions - shosaman@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/937123889802064/
Deepan Francis Edwin

I got introduced into this crazy world of running in 2012 and debuted with a HM. Since then there has been no looking back as the running bug bit me hard which resulted in a dozen FMs and couple of ultra marathons. I am closely associated with the Chennai Runners/ Vibrant Velachery group. Besides running, I have dabbled in riding and have a Super Randonneur title in my kitty! My wish is to see running become a way of life for many and I’m ready to share my experience with anyone willing to learn. “Believe and you’re halfway there” - Theodore Roosevelt https://www.facebook.com/groups/937123889802064/
4:30 HOURS
Anirudha Athani

I’m from Nashik and very passionate about running and fitness. I ran my first Full Marathon in 2014 and did my first 50k Ultra in 2015 at Bangalore. Significant achievements include finishing the Comrades Marathon (87 km) in June 2017 in 9:58 hrs (bronze medal with negative splits), overall Winner at Pune Ultra Marathon (100km) in Nov 2017 and Overall 2nd place finish in Ozone Endurance 24-hr challenge in USA (June 2018) with 151.15 km. My HM PB is 1:44 hrs and FM PB is 3:39 hrs. I’m a Certified Marathon Trainer and lead a training group in Nashik called ActivNRG Athletic Club, where I have been training Runners of all levels for the past 4 years. I especially enjoy pacing as it’s a good way to give back to the running community and help others benefit from my knowledge and skill. I look forward to leading the 4:30 FM bus to a smooth and comfortable finish! https://www.facebook.com/groups/937123889802064/
Anirudha Bodhankar

Food, travel, trek, road trip, rain, gym, tech, gadgets, shopping, Netflix... those words best describe me. I started running 5 years ago and I’m now completely hooked onto it. It has become more or less a part of my identity. If there is one thing I look forward to, it is my weekend long run. I am mostly like to run alone at night and if it’s a full moon, that’s even better. https://www.facebook.com/groups/937123889802064/
4:45 HOURS
Nitin Ghorpade

5:00 HOURS
Srinivas Munipalle

I took up distance running in 2011 when I was in Mumbai to keep fit and as a means to a healthy lifestyle. I have completed several half and full marathons with my personal bests at 1:45 in the half marathon and 3:58 in the full marathon.Running for me is a great stress reliever. It gives me time to reflect on a lot of things. It’s a great way to interact with the running community and have made many friends this way. I don’t have any specific running goals but I want to keeping running for as long as I can. Pacing is fun and challenging at the same time. It is an opportunity to help fellow runners achieve their goals. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you are left with.” https://www.facebook.com/groups/2044414158926416/
S Balaji

I took up long distance running after finding that I was completely useless in playing any other sport, team and individual. It has been over 15 years since I started running regularly and haven't found any reason to be rejected or dejected. I have had the pleasure of running the Hyderabad Marathon six times, including twice as a pacer and I am keenly looking forward to the seventh (heaven)! Having finished the Comrades Marathon with 122 seconds to spare and the Two Oceans Marathon with 63 seconds to spare, you can trust me to bring you to the finish line on time in the 5 hour bus! An accidental writer, I blog at Running Unlimitedhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/2044414158926416/
5:30 HOURS
Jayanthi S

I have been running on an off since 2008 to maximum distance of 10K. I had to overcome issues such as knee pain and was struggling to run till 2015. In 2016 January I started cycling regularly and that really helped with the running. I ran my first full marathon in The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2016. Today I am the Guinness world record holder for fastest marathon dressed in a sari. My best marathon timing was in TMM 2018 (4:45:30), which also is the record timing. I continue to alternate between Running and Cycling. I have completed multiple 200 km BRMs and multiple bicycling tours, cycling up to 600km in 4 days. I love both running and cycling and happy to be a pacer for AHM 2018. I will be running in a sari supporting handlooms and encouraging women to lead an active lifestyle. Apart from running and cycling, I am mother of 2 teenage boys, work at Microsoft as Principal Engineering Manager and also practice and teach Carnatic Classical music. I am vegan and my goal is to raise awareness and do something to reduce plastic pollution. https://www.facebook.com/groups/299554640621540/
Shailendra Singh Bisht

Shailendra has completed two Ultra including Khardung la Challenge 2017 and Ten FM over last three year including Salzburg 2016. His running philosophy is to enjoy injury free running. Third year and counting as a FM 5:30 hrs AHM Pacer and like always AHM2017 FM pacing strategy is to keep it simple by maintaining an almost even split over the course with adequate walking break over inclines. Come enjoy a splendid running tour of Hyderabad as you run with him ! He is currently a faculty in Marketing and Strategy at IBS Hyderabad and has keen interest in research and consulting at the interface of Marketing and Public Policy. He lives in Hyderabad with his wife Archana and daughter Aru and occasionally treks in Garhwal Himalayas https://www.facebook.com/groups/299554640621540/
6:00 HOURS
Amit Kshirsagar

I have been a sports enthusiast since a very young age. I've represented my college at the state level badminton during college. In order to overcome a chronic health issue, I took to running in 2014 and have been able to engage myself in long distance races now. Though a relatively new entrant in the area of running marathons, I've run a total of 18 half marathons including AHM (2014-2016) and Edinburgh (2017), 5 Full marathons – Bangalore (2016), Mumbai (2017-2018), Kochi (2017) and AHM (2017), and Comrades Ultra (2018). I am also an enthusiastic cyclist and have biked 10000 KM so far and have completed a few 200 KM brevets. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced runner, I look forward to fun and fellowship to help you reach your goal of finishing a full marathon in under 6:00. https://www.facebook.com/groups/465197937224492/
Nikhil Pilania

A Company Secretary as well as a Law Graduate by Profession and a passionate sports enthusiast by heart. To give a new dimension to my passion have started a Sports Management Company,Live ‘D’Sports.I am a State level gold medallist in sprinting. With 5 Full marathons, 13 HMs and a lot of 10K events in my kitty, I have always believed in living life to the fullest. This passion and craziness for running has made me successfully complete a 50K Ultra and 80K Ultra, achieving the 2nd position in the 1st one. I have challenged and pushed my limits by running the 12 HR and 24 HR stadium run in Hyderabad and Bangalore respectively. Running has not only shaped my physique but for sure has given me a positive insight into life. Even if you are new or experienced and you wish to finish in 06.00 hrs....Join my Bus. https://www.facebook.com/groups/465197937224492/